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Welcome to Soul Awakening, a Soul Eater RPG forum that has just been launched with the intention of being around for a long long time.
This is a Original Character Roleplay site meaning we will not be taking cannon characters. Soul Awaken welcomes roleplayers of all types, but keep in mind we go for quality, not quantity in posts.
We hope to see you in the chat box and roleplaying within our community so feel free to register and become a part of this great community with members who all share a love for Soul Eater.
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PostSubject: Class List   Class List EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 4:07 pm

Grim Reaper: Only accessible to those who also fit the race. The Grim Reapers are one third meister, one third witch, one third weapon. Upon getting this class one chooses which one to be their main and which two to be the subs of what they are made of. [Ex Main Meister, Sub Witch+Weapon.] Upon doing this their abilities fall into the category of the main with a single ability from the other two races.

Anti-Demon Wavelength:
This class allows the user to directly use their soul in attacks. Not the usual soul force move but the ability to transform either part of them-self or part of their weapon into a new weapon using the power of their soul. This allows for an incredibly strong attack that effects strongly against certain types of enemies specified in the ability.

This class allows the user to create items outside of the usual. Such as a new weapon that does not require a soul or another person. This also improves their knowledge of anatomy as far as where to hit and how hard to hit.

Sixth Sense:
This class is a sensory class. If you possess this class you can have a sixth sense ability that depending on your rank extends to a certain range outwards and detects any and all living things in that range.

This class is a painless class. You are never afflicted by pain or by fatigue in rp and any damage can be taken without a flinch. This class also is unaffected by maiming and can reattach any body part to themselves aside from the heart and head. They possess no blood and therefore can only be killed by a stab to the heard=t or the removal of their head.

Healing Wavelength: This is a class that is the top notch of healing. The soul linking touch of someone with this class can remove any affliction and heal any injury aside from fatal ones.

Madness Inducer: This class allows the mere presence of the user to induce madness. After being in direct contact with these often loners will cause madness. Madness Inducers also have an immunity to madness.

Connector: This class allows a soul to connect with multiple souls flawlessly. The ability to choose and pick any soul can also allow a connection between two attacks using soul power. Such as a soul force would be uneffective against a connector who already had gotten a feel for the attacker's soul.

Soul Runner: This class allows the soul to move unaided after death at speeds of up to 60 MPH. This is good for people who die from time to time and aren't that good at surviving.

Shapeshifter: A witch class that allows the witch to transform into anything that fits within their representation.

Speed type: A witch class that allows the witch to move at speeds equal to the maximum human running speed combined with the maximum running speed of their representation.

Elemental Type: A witch of this class would pick an element of the following. Metal,Fire,Lightning,Earth,Wind,Water. This element would be present in all of their spells in addition to their representation.

Combat Type: A witch of this class would have the power to make all of their spells have two effects. The first being a non combat use and the second being a combat use.

Scholar Witch: This with class allows a witch to create new major spells that all witches can use. Though each Scholar witch can only create ONE spell that can become common knowledge to all witches.

Black Blood: This class allows the user to be hit with an attack by most enemies and take it without damage. The only type of damage that can be done to a Black Blood user must be done through a soul based attack to be practical. While all non soul based attacks will do only 1/3 of the damage.

Demon Sword: An all weapon class. This class allows the weapon to preform something on it's own while in combat. Such as a sword that is covered in flame or a scythe that can fire jets of water.

The only exception to this rule is if you are a master meister, a deathscythe, a master witch or a grim reaper you may take a second class.
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