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PostSubject: Witches   Witches EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 4:57 pm

In Soul Eater, witches are powerful beings and the natural enemies of Shibusen, as almost all of them have a destructive nature. Most witches featured in the series are based on a distinct animal and have some of their traits in both their personalities, fighting styles and appearances. Witches are also distinguished by their uniquely-purple soul.

Sway Of Magic
    This is a term used to refer to the naturally destructive instinct that occurs in both a witch and her magic. Almost all witches are influenced by this nature but there are a few exceptions. At a young age a witch's magic has not yet fully developed and so the sway of magic has yet to take hold, but as they grow older and their powers develop this destructive instinct strengthens. Witches who also use nondestructive magic are exempt from this influence but those who fall under this category are extremely rare, with Kim Diehl being the only one present within the series so far.

    To make use of certain spells, most commonly when they are initially demonstrated within the series, numerous witches (and other beings capable of using magic) preform a specific mantra or chant preceding the statement of the desired ability. Each witch has her own unique phrasing that often pertains exclusively to their respective animal theme; for example Medusa Gorgon's mantra comprises entirely of words relating to her theme of snakes, being "Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara".

    However; despite the various instances that follow this magic casting system, it is apparently not a requirement for all witches as both Arachne and Mizune are notable for the absence of any such statement, even though both have used magic multiple times throughout the series.

Each witch has their own abilities that are as unique as their animal theme. However, all witches share a few common abilities.
    Soul Protect: As the witches' soul wavelength can be easily distinguished by trained meisters, they developed an incantation named "soul protect" which conceals their presence, but renders them unable to use their powers unless the incantation is lifted.

    Flight: Most, if not all, witches have the ability to fly. This done by simply floating in the air, or flying on a broomstick.

    Spiritual Flexibility: There have been instances in which witches have a high understanding of soul wavelengths -- enough so that they can break their soul into small fragments and reform in due time, as emulated by both Medusa and Arachne.

    Meister Capabilities: Although it is unlikely for a witch to partner with a weapon due to strife between them and Shibusen, it is feasible for a witch to use a weapon. Kim Diehl, for example, is a lamp meister.

    Longevity: Witches, at least the powerful ones, appear to have incredibly long life spans. Medusa is known to have been alive 800 years before the start of the series. Even after eight centuries, Medusa still has the appearance of a young woman. Both Risa and Arisa confirmed that witches have a longer lifespan and so have more youth.

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