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Welcome to Soul Awakening, a Soul Eater RPG forum that has just been launched with the intention of being around for a long long time.
This is a Original Character Roleplay site meaning we will not be taking cannon characters. Soul Awaken welcomes roleplayers of all types, but keep in mind we go for quality, not quantity in posts.
We hope to see you in the chat box and roleplaying within our community so feel free to register and become a part of this great community with members who all share a love for Soul Eater.
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 Technique Guide and Information

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PostSubject: Technique Guide and Information   Technique Guide and Information EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 11:04 pm

Each Demon Weapon is allowed to preform Soul Resonance Techniques. However the strength and number of Techniques allowed will depend on your rank.

You may ask... What is a Technique Level? Well its simple. There are 4 Levels that grade the strength of a Technique. Ill explain it and keep it short and sweet because no one likes to read a huge chunk about things right?
    LEVEL 1: These are the lowest level of Techniques. These are used by lower starred Weapons ( 1-star and 2-star Weapons)

    LEVEL 2: These are more powerful techniques compared to the Level 1 Techniques. These are mostly used by 2-Star Weapons and sparsely available to 1-star Weapons

    LEVEL 3: These are the second highest level of Techniques. These are mostly used by lower 3-star Weapons and sparsely available to 2-Star Weapons

    LEVEL 4: These are the highest level of Techniques and the most deadliest. These are available to Death Scythes and sparsely available to 3-Star Weapons.

Now another slot in the Technique template is the Type. There are a few types to choose from. These are simple Generalizations of certain Techniques
    OFFENSIVE: These are Techniques that are used completely for a combative nature.

    DEFENSIVE: These are techniques that are made to protect the user or an ally. A defensive technique is a technique that blocks an attack or reduces damage in a way.

    AUGMENTATION: These types of Techniques are used to give a boost to your character, this can be speed boost, power boost, or an enhancement to something like one of the 5 senses or ability to sense a certain presence.

    IMPERVIOUS: This is like a supercharged Defensive attack. This means a character will not be a valid target for enemy techniques. The maximum duration for Impervious Type techniques are 3 posts.

    HEALING: Like the name suggests, healing techniques return a certain amount of health is returned to the character or to an ally. Characters that have died cannot be healed, also characters cannot be healed above 100% health. Healing Techniques Repair the physical structure of a body.

    AFFLICTION: Affliction type Techniques are made with the soul purpose of causing damage through ill health. This may be to induce some sort of sickness, poisons and toxins etc. These can only be removed by Affliction Removal Types

    AFFLICTION REMOVAL: These are a branch off of a Healing. However instead of the physical matter in a body being repaired Affliction Removal Techniques are based on to kill off a certain affliction in the body.

Based on your level you will be allowed to have a certain number of techniques of a certain level. So what are you?
    I'm A 1-Star Weapon
    Well this means you have one of the two choices. You can have 4 Level 1 Techniques OR you can have 3 Level-1 Techniques and 1 Level 2 technique. Sound good?

    I'm A 2-Star Weapon
    This means you have one of the two choices. You can have 4 Level 2 Techniques OR you can have 3 Level-2 Techniques and 1 Level 3 technique. Sound good?

    I'm A 3-Star Weapon
    Well this means you have one of the two choices. You can have 4 Level 3 Techniques OR you can have 3 Level-3 Techniques and 1 Level 4 technique. Sound good?

    I'm A Death Scythe
    Well this means you have the best pick of everyone else. You can have 3 Level-4 Techniques and 1 Level 3 technique. Sound good?


Why yes you can... At a price. With experience points gained through the roleplay experience you are allowed to purchase various things. Techniques being on of those various things. Now lets see what techniques you can buy at what price.
    LEVEL 1 TECHNIQUE - Cost: 25 Points
    \__Available to all Weapons 1-Star to Death Scythe

    LEVEL 2 TECHNIQUE - Cost: 50 Points [1-Star Weapons pay 65 points]
    \__Available to all Weapons, 1-Star to Death Scythe

    LEVEL 3 TECHNIQUE - Cost: 75 Points [2-Star Weapons pay 90 points]
    \__Available to 2-Star Weapons to Death Scythe

    LEVEL 4 TECHNIQUE - Cost: 100 Points [3-Star Weapons pay 115 points]
    \__Available to 3-Star Weapons and Death Scythe

NOTE: If you are a Weapon with a Meister that is another user you can both pitch in points for techniques. This is an advantage to finding a partner that is another user instead of registering a Meister/Weapon pair under one account. This also encourages RP with other members.
(Example: if Rebecca Seitz Registered a Meister while Jack Registered a Weapon, their characters being a pair, both users can take the points from their accounts and use them to pay for a new Technique since they are partners.)


#. Soul Resonance
Name: What is the name for your Technique?
Level: What is the Level of this Technique?

Type: What is the Type?
Range: How far does this attack extend or does it affect the user?

Effect: This is where you explain what your Technique does. Detail is key here. From the appearance to the effect to the enemy. All should be explained here.

Preparation: Do you prepare for this in any way? If so is it instant or does it take a few posts? Explain.
Post Durations: Simply how long does this technique last? Explain if its instant or if its a longer lasting Technique.
Cooldown: How long must you wait until you can use the Technique again? Be sure to balence this with the Post Durations. In other words if your technique lasts for 4 posts the cooldown should be 5 or 6 posts, The cooldown is always longer then the duration.

#. Soul Resonance



[i][u]Post Durations:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Cooldown: [/u][/i]
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Technique Guide and Information
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