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Welcome to Soul Awakening, a Soul Eater RPG forum that has just been launched with the intention of being around for a long long time.
This is a Original Character Roleplay site meaning we will not be taking cannon characters. Soul Awaken welcomes roleplayers of all types, but keep in mind we go for quality, not quantity in posts.
We hope to see you in the chat box and roleplaying within our community so feel free to register and become a part of this great community with members who all share a love for Soul Eater.
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 Crimes and Punishments

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PostSubject: Crimes and Punishments   Crimes and Punishments EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 3:27 pm


First Degree:
These are the crimes that are not too serious yet still repremandable

1) Comandeering: The act of a staff member overshadowing another staff member on a topic over something minor. [Such as someone mispelled a word or wrote X instead of Y somewhere.] The exceptions to the rule are if something is OP and/or a GM type thing or if a staff member is making a blatant error that effects a huge amount of information or effects the entire rp. This is set up to prevent Staff from undermining eachother.

2) First Degree Favoritism: The act of a staff member approving some borderline material but nothing blatantly out of the ordinary. If caught this will be reprimanded and put on the other side of the borderline and a 1st degree warning issued to the staff member.

3) Chatbox Flame: Everyone talks some shit on the chatbox. Or at least most people do. Anyways when not if your caught you will be issued a first degree warning and probably a chatbox ban.

4)Offsite Flame: This is the act of insulting another member not on the site or an entire other site. This becomes more serious if they are an affiliate of ours and will be described later in this post but while they are not directly a part of us we still cannot allow people to badmouth them. That's just being a poor sport and such.

5) Chatbox Spam: This is the l0west form of spam but will still result in a first degree warning. If you spam the chatbox with the same message or keep asking the same things something is going to happen to you.

Second Degree Crime
These are the more common and much more serious crimes that will end much more harshly than the first degree

1) Forum Flame: The act of in an OOC post making a direct statement under the category of flame against another member or staff member on the site.

2) Offsite Affiliate Flame: The act of Flame in some way/shape or form against a member or site that is affiliated with us. This is more serious than the non affiliated flame and therefore much higher on the reprimandable list.

3) God Mod: The act of performing any action under the god mod principles IC.

4) Unapproved RP: Simple enough. If your character has not been stamped by someone of sufficient Staff ranking to do so you cannot rp. If you try to cheat this rule you will be punished. Nuff said.

5) OOC Threat: If you threaten a member Icly whatever. If you threaten someone's life or well being OOCly shit is going to go down. That is intolerable.

6) Spam pm: If your going around sending Pm messages saying Psst join this site. Or Hey you should come here or even the same damn message over and over again you will be issued a second degree warning.

Third Degree
Ok these are the big daddy crimes if you break them you are out of here

1) Hack Threat: If you threaten a hack on our site you are done and nothing can be done for you.

2) Phishing. If you send a single phishing link you're done.

3) Spam advertisement/Posts: If you post things that are spam multiple times you are in trouble and if you repost advertisements in actual topics or attach them to your signature you are in serious trouble.


1) A single first degree warning. Nothing happens to you. You get a slap on the wrist and maybe a stern talking to by a staff member of if your on staff an administrator. Otherwise you will move on without anything being done against you.

2) Two first degree warnings within 2 months. You get a demotion one rank if your on staff. You are banned from the chatbox for 12 hours and your slate is whiped clean and back to 0 warnings.

3) A single Second degree warning. This comes with an auto ban from the chatbox for 12-24 hours depending on the staff member issuing the punishment along with an automatic demotion if your on staff.

4) Two Second Degree warnings within 2 months: This is a one day ban from the site as well as being stripped of all staff powers if you are on staff. When I say one day I say 24 hours on the dot.

5) Three second degree warnings within 2 months. If this shit happens you are screwed. You are black marked by the forum and made to be Ip banned for 7 days and your character is to be auto deleted from the system as if he just dissapeared in a puff of smoke wherever he was. But on the bright side you go back to a clean slate.

6) A single third degree warning. You are banned from the site for 24-72 hours depending on the admin doing the punishment and your character is deleted in a puff of smoke from the site forever.

7) Two third degree warnings in 2 months. You are banned forever from all IP's. All characters you have are deleted in a puff of smoke and if we ever see you trying to get back on the site you are deemed to be automatically have two third degree warnings and get punted right back out on your ass. And we'll find you.
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Crimes and Punishments
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